New Video- Nadler: The Man Who Voted With The Ayatollahs

The Oliver Rosenberg campaign has released a new YouTube ad calling out Jerry Nadler on the Iran Deal vote. You can watch the ad above, or at this link. Read the record for yourself:

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Oliver Rosenberg on the Aaron Klein Investigative Radio

Appearing on the Aaron Klein Investigative Radio show Sunday, Oliver Rosenberg blasted Congressman Jerry Nadler (NY-10) for aiding Islamic fundamentalists responsible for the Orlando massacre, the worst terror attack since 9/11. He scorched Nadler’s support for the Iran nuclear deal which sent $150 billion to a regime that murders gays, persecutes women and exports terror. Hear […]

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10th Congressional Primary Race: Nadler Faces Upstart Oliver Rosenberg

Originally posted at Kings County Politics, March 22, 2016 In an election season where entrenched lawmakers in Congress are drawing an increasingly wary eye from constituents, 24-year incumbent Rep. Jerrold Nadler might be facing a perfect storm of an opponent in Oliver Rosenberg. Rosenberg, 30, is a very pro-Israel religious Jew, who […]

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