June 29, 2016

New York Observer Endorses Oliver Rosenberg

Originally posted at New York Observer by The Editors June 27, 2016

In the 10th Congressional District Democratic primary, the Observer endorses Oliver Rosenberg. This endorsement should rightly be seven words long. “Jerry Nadler voted for the Iran deal.” Or maybe 11 words long: “Gutless turncoat Jerry Nadler cravenly voted for the disastrous Iran deal.” That’s really what this endorsement boils down to, even as Nadler, who has larded up his seat for 26 years, finally faces an able Democratic opponent in the interesting fresh face of openly gay orthodox Jew Oliver Rosenberg, who impressed the Observer over the course of in-person meetings during this campaign.

Representing one of the most heavily Jewish CD’s in the country, Nadler put party ahead of principle, voting for Obama’s catastrophic capitulation, which represents an existential threat to Israel and to the stability of an already volatile region. Nadler’s vote helped hand over $150 billion of frozen Iranian assets to a regime committed to acquiring nuclear arms, a fact made worse by Nadler’s own admission, in a truly nauseating face-saving pandertorial in the New York Jewish Week, that “Iran will remain a major menace to the region and the world…[that would] represent an unacceptable threat to the United States, to Israel, and to global security.” Representatives with impervious seats are corrosive to democracy. In this year of tumult, let’s hope the voters of the 10th CD send the congressman a message.

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